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We are simply the best once it comes to beauty

Welcome to African Pinkylicious Salon,
African Pinkylicious Salon is a hair care and beauty services provider that has provided first class beauty care solutions to Americans. We braid and style all types of hair like straight, silk, wavy curl and textured hair. We are simply the best once it comes to beauty because we offer you more than a service and it is always our pleasure to give you a stunning look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Our philosophy of “Relax, Refresh, Revive “ensures that each client who walks through our doors has an enhancing experience to their individual style. We do this by using the world's best essentials in beauty grooming and personal care. Our highly experienced and trained staff know their trade and take you through a consultation process during each visit to help us understand your individual style. This enables us customize the right service for you. We are looking forward to work with you and give you the best service of hair you have always wanted.


Do you have a special event, interview or date coming up and want to look your absolute best? African Pinkylicious Salon is your solution, We are simply the best once it comes to beauty. Hair and Nail Salon's talented makeup artists will come to your rescue. Our Staff's Makeup Artists can also teach you how to apply your makeup for a natural look every day, offer advice on what cosmetic products work best for you, and help you determine the most suitable makeup colors for your skin tone. WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING SERVICES

  1. Deep Condition and Shampoo         $40
  2. Wash and Blow dry $50
  3. Wash and Style $75                         
  4. Bold stitch braid $135
  5. Ponytail Style$150                                
  6.  Shampoo & Hair Treatment $85 
  7. Hair Detangle $80
  8. Kids conrows design $140 
  9. $30 for the beads 
  10. some hair is alot and extra longer than normal lenght we also charge extra
  11. We also charge $100 extra because it takes longer time to blow dry and takes more power to dry.

  1. Kinky twist $280
  2. Senengelese Twist   $280
  3. Jambo Braids  $240
  4. Lemonade Braids conrows $240
  5. Conrow for wig wear $85
  6. Box Braids $260
  7. Butterfly Locs  $350
  8. kids Braids under 10yrs  $160 with their own hair
  9. crotchet hair $150
  10. Medium knotless Braids $280
  11. Sew in weave $160
  12. French Braids $100
  13. Men stitch Conrow  $140
  14. Goddess bow Braids knotless $350
  15. The above hair styles some we provide hair & some hair styles you bring your own hair extentions. Please call the salon phone number to confirm  612 458-4775 

  • Men 2 Strand Twist  $120
  • Men Box Braids  $100
  • Start dreadlocks  $140
  • Re twist dreadlocks & style  $120 
  • Men Conrow straight  $100
  • Design Conrow  $140
  • Men stitch conrows $140
  • If you need shampoo & deep conditioner we charge $40 extra
  • if the dreadlock have long growth it takes long to re twist we charge extra.$40 
  • if we need to style your dread Locs we charge $20 extra
  • Extra service might cost more and add all your services to know your total cost. 
Head over to the Book Services tab to select and book your appointment and make sure you pay a deposit to confirm your appointment.

 When I come in for my hair I feel like my stylist goes above and beyond to get my hair just the way I want it. I like changing my look up and she is always up for trying new things and helping me have fun with my hair! The staff at African Pinkylicious Salon are great! 


 I am new to the area and was looking for a salon and spa in my neighbourhood. I chose African Pinkylicious Salon because of location, great reviews and the positive name. I am so glad I did! I enjoyed a wonderful hair braid and great conversation. This is my salon from now on 

Joan Johnson

 Talented friendly staff. This spa and salon cares for their clients and their community. I'm a BIG fan 


Hair Stylist Braider & Barber

St. Cloud, MN, USA - 54353
Pinkylicious Hair Salon is always looking for hair stylist, Braiders and barber. if you're looking for a job of the same please send us an email, call, apply in person or online. We have stations that we are renting out for professional hair stylist with experience at an affordable cost. We also teach on how to braid hair .Looking forward to work with you.
Must be 18yrs and older to work at the shop.
Must have ID driver licence
On holidays
 Braid and style hair.
Shampoo & Condition hair.
Treat the hair.
Clean the station open and close the store on time.
Apply Now
  • 256 2nd Ave S, Waite Park, MN, USA

We are committed to offering unrivalled service in hair care and beauty therapy.
We offer the following services– Box Braids, Knotless Braids, Kinky twist, Senegalese twist, Dreadlocks, French Braids, Lemonade Braids micro weaving, , detox, track and sew in weave, braiding, bridal services,   hair treatments, barbering for the executive man, dreadlocks, texturing and styling for males and females. We break our back mending yours. Remember to call and confirm what services we offer because some services are not available at the moment.  FYI if you bleach your hair don't get braids . first time getting your hair braided no problem, remember adding hair is to protect your hair. If you don't know how to remove your hair or undo your hair we charge a little fee to help you get it out. Braiding your hair helps it to grow not to damage so if your bleach your hair several times it weakens your hair and to those who bleach their hair immediately after removing your braids your hair will get weak so be careful not to mess your hair up. Know your hair strength, type, texture, color and ask for advise on how to take care of your hair and braids. Thank you and welcome to African Pinkylicious salon and remember to leave us a review on google.. FYI We don't re do hair nor refund. if you have to complain about a service, you need to complain right away. if you leave the premise and then you come back for the same service you will have to pay all over again just like a new service. make sure you pay a deposit for your appointment and for appointment cancellation please give us a 24 hour notice. Thank you for understanding. We believe in beauty by said so thank you for lettting us do your hair and believing us too,