We are committed to offering unrivalled service in hair care and beauty therapy.
We offer the following services– Box Braids, Knotless Braids, Kinky twist, Senegalese twist, Dreadlocks, French Braids, Lemonade Braids micro weaving, , detox, track and sew in weave, braiding, bridal services,   hair treatments, barbering for the executive man, dreadlocks, texturing and styling for males and females. We break our back mending yours. Remember to call and confirm what services we offer because some services are not available at the moment.  FYI if you bleach your hair don't get braids . first time getting your hair braided no problem, remember adding hair is to protect your hair. If you don't know how to remove your hair or undo your hair we charge a little fee to help you get it out. Braiding your hair helps it to grow not to damage so if your bleach your hair several times it weakens your hair and to those who bleach their hair immediately after removing your braids your hair will get weak so be careful not to mess your hair up. Know your hair strength, type, texture, color and ask for advise on how to take care of your hair and braids. Thank you and welcome to African Pinkylicious salon and remember to leave us a review on google.. FYI We don't re do hair nor refund. if you have to complain about a service, you need to complain right away. if you leave the premise and then you come back for the same service you will have to pay all over again just like a new service. make sure you pay a deposit for your appointment and for appointment cancellation please give us a 24 hour notice. Thank you for understanding. We believe in beauty by said so thank you for lettting us do your hair and believing us too,